Gouging Torches

Gouging Torches

Product Description

Gouging" is a technique that liquefies metal in a narrow groove and then removes it using compressed air. Gouging products are often used in joint preparation prior to a welding process. Numerous other applications exist for these gouging systems, such as removal of defective welds, removal of trim in foundries and repair of track, switches and freight cars in the railroad industry.

K4000 Gouging Gun

Swivel gun. 2.13 cable. 3.2 – 16mm. 1200 amps @ 60% DC Used for heavy duty metal removal applications such as weld preparations in the pressure vessel and shipyards.

Compressor Info

K4000 2.4 kg. 1200 Amps. 80 PSI 5.6 kg/cm squared. 550 KPA 2.8 cfm. 0.79 m cubed/min. 700 l/min

Triarc Gouging Gun

1600 Amps @ 60% DC Used for general Foundry Work, padwashing defects, nails, sprue, interior work


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