Manoverboard 360 - PainsWessex

Manoverboard 360 – Pains Wessex

Product Description

Manoverboard 360 – self-activating smoke signal

The Pains Wessex Manoverboard 360 (MOB 360) is a self-activating smoke signal, with unique all-round lighting system designed for attachment to emergency life buoys. When released it indicates its position by emitting a dense orange smoke and two lithium battery powered lights. Safe to use on petrol or oil-covered water, the unit can be automatically or manually deployed from the stainless steel mounting bracket, and is ideal for use on ships or rigs.

Some large tankers and oil rigs need to mount this marker at heights in excess of the SOLAS 30m requirement. To satisfy this need the MOB 360 has been tested up to 50m, well in excess of the SOLAS requirements, and conforms to all worldwide approval standards.


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